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The present business model of the YTR includes execution of projects under varied segments such as:
•    Industrial Infrastructure
•    Development of Residential projects
•    Commercial complexes
•    Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Transfer Projects.
•    Realty Projects,
•    Drinking Water Supply – laying of pipelines.
•    Railway Works.
•    Civil Works.

Nature of projects handled by the Group:
•    EPC Projects.
•    Item-Rate / Percentage Rate Civil Works.
•    BOT Projects (Annuity & Toll based).
•    Joint Venture Projects.

The company attempts to achieve its growth objectives by adopting the following strategies:
•    Consistency in execution skills.
•    Undertaking projects involving higher degree of engineering skills.
•    Focusing on urban water infrastructure projects.
•    Strengthening core competence of the flagship company.
•    Leveraging business growth through appropriate financial measures.
•    Focusing on suitable BOT projects.
•    Diversifying into port, railways, civil aviation, airport projects.
•    Building up common strengths through joint ventures.

The company has a fleet of latest heavy construction equipments like Crushers, Dozers, Earth Compactors, Excavators, Generators, Graders, Grinding Machines, Trucks, Loaders, Millers, Pavers, Concrete Pump & mixers, Rock Breakers, Rollers, Shuttering boards, Tractors, Transit Mixers, Tippers, Trolleys, Weigh Bridges and Welding which could be mobilized within a short span of time at different sites.

Raw Materials
The requirement of raw materials is project specific and is determined by the total orders received for projects. This requirement is processed through negotiations with the suppliers keeping in view the logistics of location of projects and timing of supplies. The procurement of raw materials is centralized at the purchase department based on the delivery schedule of each project. A proper inventory system is maintained to ensure the availability of material as and when required and all the materials purchased are tested before its usage. The Company has a set of suppliers of Raw Materials, with whom it has long-term contracts, thus ensuring continuous supply at competitive prices.

The various stages involved in project management are detailed below:

Awarding the contract
•    Expression of interest- called for by the project owner.
•    Request for Qualification (RFQ) or Pre-qualification.
•    Invitation to tender / request for proposal / (RFP).
•    Obtain Document- purchase of tender document.
•    Site Visit and Pre-Bid Queries.
•    Post -qualification / technical Documentation and Financial Bid.
•    Submission of the tender along with Earnest Money Deposit (“EMD”).
•    Award of the contract to the lowest bidder and issue of LOA.
•    Signing of the contract along with submission of performance securities and refund of EMD.

Project Closure
•    Implement all project completion activities to the satisfaction of the client.
•    Raising of final bill.
•    aking substantial completion certificate.
•    Taking handing over certificate.
•    Implementing Defect Liability / O&M period.
•    Receive the final retention money after Defect Liability Period.

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